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How does the online loan investor identify the problem platform?

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How does the online loan investor identify the problem platform?

Published: 2017-12-14 Author: Click:

With the introduction of the industry supervision rules "Interim Measures for the Management of Business Activities of Internet Lending Information Intermediaries", the regulation is gradually becoming clear. For investors, in the current regulatory environment, how do investors choose projects, products and targets in the process of investing?

On October 30th, Li Aijun, director of the Center for Financial Innovation and Internet Finance Legal Research at China University of Political Science and Law, said that the most obvious manifestation of disguised as self-financing is the fraudulent standard. Investors should pay close attention to the information disclosure of platform projects and pay attention to whether the borrowers are real. It is worth mentioning that the platform does not allow the sale of wealth management financial products to raise funds. If the product does not form a direct lending contract relationship with the financier, the investor cannot vote.

Shi Pengfeng, co-founder of Yingcan Group and co-founder of online loan home, stressed: "Investors must realize that investment is risky. If someone tells you that these platforms are safe, it is a liar. Only by fully recognizing investment With risks, investors can better identify, evade and manage risks.” Wear-resistant copper alloy

Dr. Deng Yinghui from the Wudaokou Finance College of Tsinghua University also elaborated on the related platform. She pointed out that “Firstly, the registered platform of the associated platform is the same registered company. You can find out that the inter-provincial cross-regional platform will be relatively difficult by browsing the enterprise registration information. Some found some; secondly, the study found that the time difference between the on-line time of the associated platform is 0-150 days, and after the problem occurs, other related platforms will also have corresponding problems within one month, and investors should be vigilant."

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