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Pay attention to health Care for employees - 2018 employee medical examination

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Pay attention to health Care for employees - 2018 employee medical examination

Published: 2017-12-14 Author: Click:

Employees are the wealth of the company and an important guarantee for the company's development. They have always been valued by our company, especially the health problems of employees. Paying attention to health, caring for employees with love, caring for employees, and building a harmonious and healthy corporate culture life is one of the corporate culture concepts that the company's leaders have always adhered to.

On August 15th, the company took care of employees' physical health with practical actions and organized employees to conduct annual free physical health examinations. Specific testing items: blood pressure testing, blood routine, hearing detection, X chest penetration and more than 10 detailed physical examinations. Let employees fully understand their physical condition and detect and prevent physical illness early.

This not only protects the rights and interests of employees, but also allows the employees to personally feel the humane care of the company, effectively improve the employee's centripetal force and sense of belonging, and cohesiveness determines competitiveness. This has injected a strong impetus into the growth of the company, allowing employees to work in a healthier and more positive state. Compressor disk

Waiting for hearing detection and X chest radiographyWaiting for hearing detection and X chest radiography
Waiting for blood pressure, blood routine testingBlood routine test
Blood pressure testWaiting for B-test

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