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Fan Longpeis speech boosts the market

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Fan Longpeis speech boosts the market

Published: 2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Tin market trend and analysis:

As of 16:05 Beijing time, the latest price of the London Stock Exchange electronic disk tin futures reported $ 18,850 / ton, up $ 370 / ton.

Germany's unemployment rate rose for the first time in May, and far more than market expectations. The German economy, which is the leader of the euro zone economy, is heading for a recession, indicating that the European debt crisis may be further upgraded. However, the EU summit will bring good news to the European Council. Chairman Van Rompuy said that the leaders of the euro zone hope to speed up the integration of the euro zone and reached a scale of 120 billion euros to stimulate the growth of the economy, which has raised market sentiment and the end of the day.

According to the statistics of the Yangtze River non-ferrous metal network: today the Yangtze River market spot 1 # tin price reported 146500-148000 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day price fell 1,500 yuan / ton; Shanghai market spot 1 # tin price reported 146000-148000 yuan / ton, compared The price of the previous day fell by 1150 yuan / ton; Guangdong market spot 1 # tin price reported 145500-148000 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day price fell 1,250 yuan / ton; Huatong market spot 1 # tin price reported 146500-148500 yuan / Tons, the price fell by 1,250 yuan / ton from the previous day. Compressor disk

Today, the spot tin price continues to fall. The market is basically in a priceless market. Due to the long-term sluggish demand, it is expected that the spot tin market will be difficult to improve in the short term. The traditional off-season that the market is about to usher, the uncertainty of demand prospects makes the market more worried. .

In terms of inventory: LME London Exchange's latest inventory of 12,260 metric tons, an increase of 20 metric tons over the previous trading day. Latest market focus:

1. Kuala Lumpur on June 29th, the spot tin market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, closed at $18,600 per ton on Friday, down $150 from the previous trading day, with a total volume of 39 tons.

2. European Council President Van Rompuy announced in Brussels on the evening of 28th that EU leaders have reached an agreement on a “package” of economic growth plans worth 120 billion euros.

3. According to data released by the German Labor Bureau on Thursday (June 28), the official unemployment rate in Germany in June was 6.8%, which was the same as the revised unemployment rate in May, and was higher than the 6.7% forecast. The unseasoned unemployment rate fell from 6.7% to 6.6%, the lowest level since 1991.

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