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Good news from the EU summit

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Good news from the EU summit

Published: 2016-07-27 Author: Click:

International market: EU leaders agreed on Friday (June 29) to create a single regulatory body for the euro zone banking industry, and allowed banks to directly restructure their capital through the euro zone aid fund, without increasing the government debt burden, for the European banking union. Take the first step. The news eased market sentiment and the US dollar weakened. Due to the news, LME Metal rebounded sharply today. London Metal (LME) lead on the 29th Asian electronic disk rose today, as of 16:10 Beijing time, LME three-month lead rose 32 to 1800 US dollars. Domestic market: Today, Shanghai lead opened higher and fluctuated higher. The main monthly contract 1209 closed at 14635 today, which was 180 yuan/ton higher than the previous trading day. The highest price between the two markets was 14730 and the lowest was 14445. The turnover was 210 lots and the position was 1984. Wear-resistant copper alloy

Today, Shanghai's lead has been greatly affected by the trend of the external market. The EU leaders agreed to take urgent action, but this action must be approved by all countries. More importantly, Germany has not yet spoken, so we still need to pay attention to today's summit consultation. . Spot market: According to the Yangtze River non-ferrous metal network report, "The spot transaction price of Changjiang today is 14650-14750 yuan / ton, up 25 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day; Guangdong Nan Chuan reported at 14400-14600 yuan / ton, up 50 yuan / ton China's circular 14600-14700 yuan / ton, flat; domestic spot transaction average price between 14400-14800 yuan / ton." Today's domestic spot lead price changes little, the current market smelter is still reluctant to sell, traders are actively shipping, There was a bargain hunting at the downstream, and the transaction rebounded. Domestic and international news: 1, with the "lead battery industry access conditions" (hereinafter referred to as "access conditions") on July 1 this year, a batch of non-standard lead storage battery companies will gradually withdraw from the market, and within the industry Large-scale enterprises are taking advantage of the expansion. On June 28, Camel announced that the company will invest 200 million yuan together with Guangxi Fengye Investment to invest in the construction of a new plant in Zhangzhou. In addition, Lifan shares and Fengfan shares have also issued announcements, and plans to spend huge sums of money to expand production capacity. 2. EU leaders reached an agreement on a series of measures on the 29th, including a commitment to eventually allow direct capital restructuring of the euro zone banking industry and the opening of the euro zone rescue fund to countries not included in the bailout plan. EU leaders hope that these measures will ease the market pressure in Spain and Italy. 3. On the 25th, the Spanish government formally submitted a bailout application to the Euro Group on the financial difficulties faced by the country's banking industry. Earlier this month, the Euro Group stated that it could offer up to 100 billion euros to Spain for preferential treatment. At this point, Spain has also become the fourth euro zone country to seek external assistance, which also makes investors deeply worried about the country's financial situation.

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