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Production equipment

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1600T extrusion system

The copper extrusion system mainly adopts the structure of four-column horizontal type and oil tank upper structure, and has the characteristics of novel structure, neat arrangement and convenient maintenance. The movable beam adopts four-point positioning, adjustable center and reasonable tool design to greatly reduce production cost. The system can also be set to different extrusion processes, using follow-up and fixed needles to extrude pipes of different pore sizes. Its annual production capacity is up to 6,000 tons.

Horizontal continuous casting smelting system

The horizontal continuous casting smelting system has the advantages of low investment, high quality of slab, less production process, good safety and reliability, etc. The annual production capacity is up to 3,000 tons.

Automatic lathe

The machine tool has automatic processing, fast processing speed, complicated processing of parts in one time, accurate and reliable processing, automatic feeding, automatic shutdown of material, high production efficiency.

Seamless copper tube ultrasonic testing equipment (HSD-UT-4)

It is mainly used to detect whether there are defects (cracks, blisters, pores, white spots, inclusions, etc.) inside the machined parts, whether the welds are qualified, and whether there are any dark injuries, so as to judge whether the workpieces are qualified or not.

CNC lathe

CNC lathes and turning centers are high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine tool has a wide range of processing performance, can process linear cylinders, diagonal cylinders, arcs and various complex workpieces such as threads, slots, worms, with linear interpolation, arc Interpolated various compensation functions and played a good economic effect in the mass production of complex parts.


Subsidiaries: Suzhou Lili Cast Copper Rotor Research Institute Co., Ltd. Suzhou Herbaisi Pump Co., Ltd.

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