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Business philosophy

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company culture:

Integrity, pragmatism, unity, hard work

Integrity: Communicating with others, not deceiving themselves, being honest, and being consistent in words and deeds.

Pragmatic: Be serious and conscientious, be true and sincere, and develop and innovate on the ground.

Unity: Going to the next heart, supporting each other, communicating and collaborating, and having a team spirit.

Diligence: Hard work, hard work, and the courage to face difficulties and pressure.

Business philosophy:

Honor China! Power the world! Pragmatic and innovative! Quality wins!

Based on high technology: to build the world's preferred material base in the same industry, and establish strategic alliances with large groups.

People-oriented as the driving force: Enhance the master status and sense of belonging of talents, and create a brilliant future together.

Winning with wisdom is a magic weapon: to give full play to the unique artistic features of Philip, and to provide customers with high-quality products.

Customer first is the goal: to meet the needs of customers, to provide customers with better, faster and more comprehensive services.

Quality goal:

(1) Improve the company's quality capability and ensure the level of “A”-level supporting enterprises;

(2) Delivering customer products to achieve “zero defects” (delivery batch failure rate is zero);

(3) The accident rate of safety production is 0;

(4) Customer satisfaction is not less than 98%;

(5) Staff satisfaction is not less than 90%;

(6) Adhere to improve the quality management system and improve the performance of the quality management system

Quality promise:

(1) The customer checks the unqualified package return package;

(2) During the quality assurance period, the product quality problem bears all refund fees.

(3) After the customer keeps close contact, after receiving the quality report of the domestic supporting users, reply within 24 hours; after receiving the quality report of domestic and foreign users, reply within 72 hours;

(4) Conduct quality policy and quality target training for all employees of the company, and implement quality policy and quality objectives.

Quality policy:

Quality first, customer first, continuous improvement.

Subsidiaries: Suzhou Lili Cast Copper Rotor Research Institute Co., Ltd. Suzhou Herbaisi Pump Co., Ltd.

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