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Testing Equipment

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Swiss ARL3460 direct reading spectrometer (ARL3460)

Used for daily production control, quality management and special analytical research. The ARL direct reading spectrometer not only has a new breakthrough in the trace elements in oxygen and non-ferrous metals in molecular copper, but also can not be standardized for a long time in the case of continuous analysis.

Germany Spike floor-standing direct reading spectrometer (SPECTRO MAXx (LMF14))

According to the user's analysis requirements, the spectrometer can be equipped with more than ten different substrates, such as copper, aluminum, iron, manganese, silicon, zinc, nickel, cobalt, etc., covering almost all areas of metal industry analysis. It is the most professional direct reading spectrometer in the world.

Brinell hardness tester

The instrument uses a unique and precise design on the mechanical, optical, and light sources to make the indentation imaging clearer and more accurate. The instrument is equipped with a digital display microscope, which can display the test method, test force, indentation length, hardness value, test force retention time, number of measurements, etc. on the liquid screen, and has a threaded interface that can be connected to a digital camera-loaded CCD camera. The domestic first-class products have a certain representativeness.

Digital Rockwell hardness tester

The manual Rockwell hardness tester is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, stable in performance, high in durability and high in precision. It is especially suitable for on-site use in heat treatment and mold processing workshops. It is easy to operate and is a popular Rockwell hardness testing machine. It is available for Rockwell hard determination of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is widely used in the factory floor and metrology departments.

Electronic tensile testing machine (WD-P4105)

The electronic tension machine has wide and accurate loading speed and force range, and has high precision and sensitivity for measurement, control and load of load, deformation and displacement. The electronic tension machine adopts single space structure, and the test space is in the lower space, mainly used for test load. Tests for metal and non-metal materials below 500KG, with stress, strain and displacement control methods, can determine the maximum force, tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, elongation at break, yield strength and other parameters.

Secondary image measuring machine

The computer in the image measuring instrument not only performs simple image alignment and numerical display, but also has basic functions such as spatial geometric operation, graphic display, dimensioning, and CAD graphic output, all of which depend on the development of spatial geometry. Dedicated measurement and control software.

Metallographic microscope (4XC)

Metallographic microscope is mainly used to identify and analyze the internal structure of metal. It is an important instrument for metallographic research on metallography. The quality of casting, smelting and heat treatment, the inspection of raw materials or the analysis after material processing can be used. Ideal instruments such as scientific research and teaching.


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